Expanding your favorite gene into a co-expression network

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Gene2Net is a web application that expands a gene of interest into a gene co-expression network based on a gene expression data set selected from the underlying database.


The current version of Gene2Net includes the following data sets:

Organism Data sets Description
Sample number:
GN Accession:

Please follow the workflow below to analyze your favorite gene:

1. Select the organism and data set (see above description) of interest.
2. Set the number of output genes and the threshold of Spearman correlation.
3. Input your favorite gene using a probe set ID or a gene symbol. And all probe sets corresponding to the gene will be retrieved, and relevant statistics for each probe set including average expression, standard deviation (SD), and interquartile range (IQR) will be presented. Typically, the probe set with higher average expression or larger expression variation (SD or IQR) can be selected to represent the gene.
4. Retrieve the top n (set in Step 2) probe sets with strongest positive and negative correlation with the selected probe set in the data set .
5. Visualize the co-expression network by clicking the "Network View" button. You can also download the zipped results to a directory on your desktop.


Gene2Net web tool is now available to expand your favorite gene into a co-expression network.

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Gene2Net is developed and maintained by Jing Wang and Bing Zhang at the Zhang Lab.

Funding credit: NIH/NIMH (P50 MH096972).